Fill Pipe Adapters

778 Top Seal Fill Pipe Adapter


Top seal fill pipe adapters are installed on the fill riser pipe in spill containment manways on an underground storage tank. The adapters are used to connect delivery drop elbows to the fill pipe for fuel deliveries. Adapters can be ordered with or without wrenching lugs to suit your installation preference. EBW top seal fill pipe adapters fit all top seal drop elbows and top seal fill caps.

  • Constructed of ASTM B62 corrosion-resistant brass.
  • Nitrile gasket for a secure seal onto the fill pipe.
780-200-0144.451.753" without lugs0.92NPT
778-302-3157.152.253" with lugs0.92BSPP
778-301-0168.272.694" with lugs0.92NPT
778-301-3568.272.694" with lugs - nickel plated0.92BSPP
778-301-3268.272.694" without lugs0.92BSPP
770-201-023" replacement gasket
770-201-034" replacement gasket