Fuel Management Systems

A complete line of cutting edge tank gauge consoles and state-of-the-art leak detection make our Fuel Management Systems product line the industry’s premier brand for total system control. Compliance, inventory management, and leak detection monitoring are made easy for every user with the industry’s most intuitive tank gauge user interface.



EVO™ Series ATGs

The EVO™ Series offers you four different options with right-sized features to meet the requirements of your specific application, size, and compliance needs.

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FFS PRO™ Connect

The FFS PRO™ Connect web interface allows you to securely connect directly to your EVO™ Series ATG from any web enabled device. Currently available for EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 ATGs.

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Turbine Pump Interface

All EVO™ Series ATGs include the industry’s only Turbine Pump Interface (TPI) capability for enhanced and automated submersible turbine pump monitoring and control.

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