Franklin Fueling Systems offers a complete system of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or AdBlue® compatible products all from a single manufacturer. Our system is designed together – to work together, resulting in unmatched system performance and an energy efficient means of keeping DEF from freezing at low temperatures.



Recirculation System

Because DEF will freeze at around 12° F (-11° C), no DEF system is complete without a means to prevent this fuel additive from freezing in the lines and costing you loss of potential sales.

Check out the DEF Recirculation System


Submersible Turbine Pump Kits

Our FE Petro™ brand DEF submersible turbine pump (STP) kits come complete with everything you need for pumping DEF including a pump motor assembly built just for DEF applications.

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All compatible hardware products are composed of DEF compatible materials including stainless steel and various elastomers.

Check out the DEF flexible connectors


Hanging Hardware

Our complete diesel exhaust fluid hanging hardware solution includes everything you need to safely dispense DEF and protect you and your customers from costly mis-fills.

Check out the DuraDEF™ Nozzle with Mis-Fill Spout