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Franklin Fueling Systems Conducts Training Sessions in Poland


L2 Training By Polish Distributor + CaptionFranklin Fueling System recently conducted several major face-to-face classroom training sessions for installers in Poland. Two hundred and twenty five installers have been trained in Poland since the beginning of 2014, as part of Franklin Fueling Systems’ drive to support the Polish market and ensure there are certified installers where marketers want to build new sites.

The hands-on training sessions were led by Mr Piotr Ozga from PSS - Stacje Benzynowe Service, a Franklin Fueling Systems distributor in Poland, and focused on improving the quality of the installation of Franklin's UPP™ brand pipework and containment products.

The training mission was specifically designed to increase general comfort with UPP™ brand products, including new double wall termination fittings, with a focus on proper installation and maintenance techniques. Proper installation of petroleum equipment plays an important role in reducing safety risks and improving the total cost of ownership over the entire lifetime of a station.

PSS - Stacje Benzynowe Service are attending the XXII Międzynarodowe Targi Stacja Paliw 13 – 15 May 2015 in Warsaw. You can visit them at stand #A6 for more information about UPP™ brand pipework solutions. Find out more about the exhibition at 

To accompany the training, Franklin Fueling Systems also created a complete range of Polish language manuals to ensure installers are provided with materials they can understand. Dirk Kaisers, Territory Manager Central Europe, Franklin Fueling Systems, says, “We made some major efforts for the Polish market beginning in 2014 and trained a lot of installers on the ground in Poland. This enables us to offer the whole market highly trained professional installers. The Polish translations now reflect our commitment to this market and the need for local content to provide additional value to our customers and distributors.”

This is just one example illustrating the dedication Franklin has to providing proper tools and training to our certified installers around the world. To Franklin, establishing safe, accurate, and effective installation practices during the certification process is of the utmost importance to ensuring successful installations in the field.

A full list of all the Polish manuals recently added can be found below:

UPP Piping Installation Guide Overview - Polish
Electrofusion Welding Instructions - Polish
Installation: 90-Series - Polish
Instruction: EF1-230V Handheld Welder - Polish
Installation: UPP Gemini Fittings - Polish
Installation: UPP Compression Fittings - Polish
Installation: Polyethylene Tank Sump / Chamber - Polish
Composite Access Cover (PCC90 Models) Installation Manual - Polish
Model VTU2 System Integrity Testing Kit Operation - Polish
Installation: UPP Electrofusion Entry Seal - Polish
Piping Modification in Pre-existing UPP Sites - Polish

Primary Pipe Tightness Test Report - Polish
Secondary Pipe Tightness Test Report - Polish
Hydrostatic Test Report - Polish
Tank Chamber Vacuum Test Report - Polish
Duct Containment Pipe Tightness Test Report - Polish
Dispenser Sump Report - Polish

Franklin is proud to offer product training for customers. To book face-to-face training please contact the named person for your area in this list below.

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