Submersible Pumping Systems

FE Petro brand Submersible Pumping Systems offer industry leading-fuel dispensing rates, premium efficiency and unmatched reliability. These high performance submersible pumps, controls, and leak detectors provide the total solution for safely moving fuel from the tank to the dispenser.



Powered By Franklin Electric

FE Petro brand STPs are built around the Franklin Electric motor, allowing them to safely and reliably deliver superior performance in fuel dispensing.

learn about our reliable 3 and 5 hp motors


Variable Speed

Driven by a variable frequency controller, variable speed STPs allow higher, consistent flow rates by increasing the flow of fuel as more nozzles dispense fuel.


Turbine Pump Interface

Operate as efficiently as possible by networking a fuel management system with FE Petro brand intelligent submersible pumps and achieve maximum pump control.

Experience total pump control