Fuel Management System

Featuring INCON™ & FE PETRO™ Turbine Pump Interface

Combine the INCON™ fuel management system with the FE Petro™ submersible pumping system for total control. Use this typical 2 Hp system setup to help you place your next order.

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    Containment Monitoring

    A TSP-ULS liquid sensor can be used to detect the presence of liquid in a sump - OR - a TSP-DTS discriminating turbine sump sensor or TSP-DDS discriminating dispenser sump sensor can be used to detect both liquids and hydrocarbons.

    Tank Inventory Monitoring

    TSP-LL2 level probes are hung using the TSP-K4A probe installation kit to provide accurate inventory levels in storage tanks. Select either the TSP-IDF4 float set for diesel tanks or the TSP-IGF4 float set for gasoline tanks. Both kits include a product and water level float. The TSP-LL2 is offered in both leak detection and inventory only configurations.

    Turbine Pump Interface

    TPI is a standard feature on all TS-550 evo fuel management systems. Simply pair the tank gauge with a controller to take control of your submersible pumps and get features like pump-in-water detection, dry tank detection, tank leveling, clogged intake detection and overfill protection.

    Higher Flow Rates

    2 Hp submersible turbine pumps including the STPMVS2-VL2 come standard with MagShell technology. The pump motor shell is expanded to increase the area around the motor by 45%, resulting in significantly higher flow rates.

    Selecting a Controller

    When combined with a TS-550 evo fuel management system, both the MagVFC or the STP-SCI can be used to achieve Turbine Pump Interface. Choose between the MagVFC or the STP-SCI.


    A TSP-ULS may be used in both dispenser sumps and tank sumps when a discriminating sensor is not required.

    Electrical Conduit

    Ensure watertight seals between your electrical conduit and containment.

    Leak Detection: Tanks

    Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection (SCALD) is a standard feature on T5 Series tank gauges. It allows a site that is continuously open to still perform 0.2 GPH in-tank leak detection tests. This allows you to maintain compliance testing without having to shut down a tank.

    Leak Detection: Lines

    By adding a TS-LS500 line leak detector, you get highly accurate electronic line leak detection for your lines. The system connects with a T5 Series tank gauge to actually learn the characteristics of each line. This eliminates possible configuration errors and provides unparalleled leak detection accuracy.

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