Discriminating Turbine Sump Brite™ Sensor (DTS)

The DTS is a discriminating turbine sump Brite™ sensor that detects the presence of liquid and hydrocarbons when installed in turbine and containment sumps. The DTS is designed to interface with EVO™ Series fuel management system ATGs.

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  • Highlights

    • Uses magnetic float switches to detect liquid at two levels.
    • Innovative polymer strip detects hydrocarbons along sensor and floating on water.
    • Compatible with common fuels and chemicals.
    • Detects liquid at 1-1/2" (38mm) from base.
    • Detects hydrocarbons on sensor and floating on water.
    • Digitally encoded status information sent from microcomputer to ATG from 775+ feet.
    • Alarms to indicate liquid in sump, hydrocarbon detected, full sump and sensor malfunction.
  • Specs


    • UL listed.
    • ATEX approved.
    • IECEx approved.


    For containment sump monitoring.


    Variety of mounting methods possible depending on location. Bracket provided for quick installation.

  • Order Info

    FMP-DTSDiscriminating turbine sump Brite sensor (EVO 500 and EVO 5000)
    FMP-DTS-UDiscriminating turbine sump Brite sensor (EVO 200 and EVO 400)
    TSP-KSUnistrut mounting kit
    • Note: The DTS and the DTS-U sensor communicates with the ATG using 3 wires and 2 wires, respectively.
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