Cast-Iron Manways

These manways have a proven track record of trouble-free operation. Their durable construction withstands the heaviest traffic and meets the requirements of a D.O.T. H20 load rating.

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    • Cast Iron Cover and Rings - EBW 7-1/2" round manways have ribbed cast iron covers and cast iron rings to withstand heavy loads and traffic.
    • Heavy Duty Skirts - EBW 7-1/2" round manways have heavy duty cast iron skirts. 12" and 18" round manways have a 16 gauge welded steel skirt and are available in different depths to fit your needs.
    • Colored Cover Options - EBW 18" round manways can be ordered with optional FRC colored covers in standard API color codes. The FRC covers also include a recessed area for optional API color coded identification plates.
    • Highway 20 Rated (D.O.T. H20) - All EBW spill containers and manways exceed the D.O.T. H20 requirement.
  • Order Info

    ModelManway SizeCoverSkirt DepthWeight
    781-208-087.5191Cast iron82032210
    781-212-12-CI12305Cast iron123053616
    781-212-12-CI-H12305Cast iron with handle123053616
    781-212-24-CI12305Cast iron246107032
    781-478-6518457FRC bolted8.52163014

    Replacement Round Manway Covers

    Model, with drainManway SizeCoverWeight
    781-302-0112305FRC black105
    781-302-0712305FRC orange105
    781-304-0118457FRC black105
    781-306-01184570.375" steel3315
    781-400-0112305Cast iron178
    781-402-017.5191Cast iron63
    781-407-0112305Cast iron with handle188.1
    SRC18HRP18457Steel, bolt-down3315
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