Power Lift Cast Iron Covers

UPP™ brand power lift cast iron covers are designed for use on forecourts and refueling stations with heavy traffic where frequent access is required. They combine the strength and durability of cast iron construction with a spring loaded hinge mechanism that allows the covers to be opened and closed with ease. The lid will stay open at any angle without the need for a locking mechanism or stays, greatly increasing safety and time/manpower efficiencies on site.

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  • Highlights

    • The extremely hard wearing and durable covers will not spin out, buckle or loose shape due to pressure forces from vehicles.
    • The unique spring loaded hinge mechanism makes the ease of opening the ultra strong cast iron cover comparable to that of a lightweight composite cover.
    • Lockable design increases on site security and safety.
    • When locked, the covers become watertight due to the chemically resistant neoprene sealing gasket and internal drainage channel.
    • Surface liquids drain away from the cover preventing leaking into the underground containment.
    • Resistant to chemical corrosion from petroleum and alcohols and painted with a noncorrosive paint which protects the cover from rust.
    • Square, rectangle and round access model options.
    • Raised and flush mount model options.
    • Dip model available with integrated inspection port.
  • Specs

    • Each cover complies with the toughest engineering standards for access covers: BS EN 124 to Class D400 structural integrity as tested by Lloyds British Testing plc.
  • Order Info

    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Size (mm)
    PC76-D400*UPP Access Cover 760x760mm D400 flush1120264.6760 x 760
    • * Note that one handle PC/H needs to be ordered with each PC76-D400 cover.
    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Size (mm)
    PC76-1*UPP Cast Iron Cover 760x760mm raised1121266.8760 x 760
    • * Note that one handle PC76-1/H needs to be ordered with each PC76-1 cover.
    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Size (mm)
    PC770 *UPP Cast Iron Cover 770x770mm raised1130286.6770 x 770
    • * Note that one handle PC/H needs to be ordered with each PC77 cover.
    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Size (mm)
    PC95-D400*UPP Access Cover 950mm Dia D40012004411300 X 1200
    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Size (mm)
    PC95-D400-DIP*UPP Cover 950mm Dia Dip D40012004411300 X 1200
    • * Note that one handle PC/H needs to be ordered with each PC95-D400-DIP cover.
    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Size (mm)
    PC-150-76-D400UPP Cast Iron Cover 1500 x 760mm D40012645821502 X 762
    • * Note that TWO handle PC/H need to be ordered with each PC-150-76-D400 cover.
    ModelDescriptionPack SizeKgLbs.Material
    PC76/HHandle for PC 51/76/77/95 (pictured)11.062.3Cast Iron
    PC76-1/HHandle for PC76-11
    PC76/JGasket for PC76 Access Cover10.30.7Neoprene
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