362 Vapor Shear Valve

Shear Valve

The EBW 362 vapor shear valve is designed for use as an emergency breakaway on Stage II vapor recovery lines in fuel dispensers. The double poppet design allows spring-loaded poppets inside the valve to seal vapors within both the dispenser riser and vapor piping in the event of dispenser displacement, providing maximum environmental protection.

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  • Highlights

    • Dual poppets seal vapors in dispenser riser and in vapor line for maximum environmental protection.
    • One 1" test port and two 3/8" test ports eliminate extra T-joints in vapor line which reduces potential leak points and provides more flexibility for Stage II vapor recovery installation.
    • Durable zinc plated body is resistant to corrosion.
    • Standard U-bolt and boss mount allow for quick and easy installation.
    • Base thread includes 1-1/2" female.
    • California State Fire Marshal approved.
  • Order Info

    362-206-031" × 1-1/2" NPT thread vapor shear valve
    362-206-211" x 1-1/2" BSPT thread vapor shear valve
    • Note: When not using FFS Stabiliser Bar Kits with Vapour Shear Valves, the Vapour Shear Fastener Kit will also need to be included on the order. The Vapour Shear Fastener Kit comes with hex-head bolts.
    90069Vapour Shear Fastener Kit
    • Vapour Shear Fastener Kit is needed when used with non-FFS Stabilizer Bars
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