In-Tank and In-Sump Corrosion Control

Attack corrosion before it has a chance to develop with the fully integrated in-tank and in-sump corrosion Control™ System. By proactively monitoring for and removing the main corrosion-causing elements including water, moisture and humidity, from both tanks and containment sumps, the Corrosion Control™ System takes an active role in protecting your fuel system from accelerated corrosion and the equipment deterioration it leads to.

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    Remove Tank Water

    The Water Separator suctions the tank bottom and separates out water and other corrosion contributors from the tank.

    Corrosion Control Water Separator


    Keep Sumps Dry

    The desiccant pack acts to absorb humidity within the sump before it turns into corrosion-causing condensation within the containment.

    Corrosion Control Desiccant Pack


    Monitor For Corrosion - COMING SOON

    The sensor has dual purpose functionality; detecting and alerting station owners to the presence of a corrosive atmosphere in sumps or tank ullages as well as the ability to detect high levels of humidity that could lead to corrosion.


    Protect Your Investment

    Corrosion control™ advanced protection (ap) submersible pumps feature powder and e-coated finishes as well as stainless steel components to combat the formation of corrosion.

    Advanced Protection STP

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