STP-SCIIIC is designed to replace three-phase motor starters in both new and existing locations. The STP-SCIIIC controller provides valuable pump protection and performance features for an economical price.

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  • Highlights

    Easy Retrofit

    The STP-SCIIIC is compatible with most existing three-phase submersibles from 3 to 5 hp. Retrofitting existing stations is as simple as replacing the existing three-phase motor with the STP-SCIIIC. No additional wiring is required.

    Continuous Diagnostics

    The STP-SCIIIC constantly monitors for abnormal conditions that reduce motor life or cause down-time.When any of these conditions exists, the STP-SCIIIC will alert the service technician to the source of the problem: dry run, extended run, overvoltage, undervoltage, relay fault, voltage/current unbalance, locked rotor, phase loss or open circuit.

    Pump Auto-Start

    Provides “on demand” automatic pump start of up to eight submersible pumps manifolded to the same discharge line. Lead pump starts to satisfy initial demand and additional pumps are started as demand increases, reducing power consumption and extending pump life.

  • Specs

    • Enclosure size: 9-1/16" x 7-6/8" x 5½" (230 mm × 196 mm × 140 mm).
    • Compatible with three-phase FE Petro 3 and 5 hp submersibles and most competitive makes.
    • Relay rating: 5 hp.
    • Pump “RUN” indication is provided by flashing green light.
    • Power “ON” indication is provided by steady green light.
    • Flashing red light indicates fault condition. Number of flashes indicates specific fault.
    • Audible alarm alerts operator of fault.
    • Built-in voltage surge protection.
    • Flashing yellow light indicates RS 485 is communicating.
    • RS 485 com port.


    • Consult factory for applicable approvals.

    Quality Certification

    • Franklin Fueling Systems is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer.
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    Part NumberDescription
    5800103300STP-SCIIIC three-phase smart controller
    • Notes:
    • 1. One STP-SCIIIC required per submersible, relay rated for 30 Amps.
    • 2. STP-SCIIIC models do not utilise the pump motor thermal overload wiring (blue leads).
    • *STP-SCIIIC is compatible with FE Petro 3 and 5 hp submersibles and competitive makes input voltage rated 380-415 VAC three phase.
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