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The Total System Solution


One Order, Multiple Benefits Get the most comprehensive product offering from the industry’s leader in total systems solutions. We provide unparalleled simplicity in placing one order, having one point of contact, relying on one service team and receiving one consolidated shipment. Placing an order for a complete site qualifies you for the Complete Site Package Discount and all of the benefits no other manufacturer can offer. Benefits Include

  • Premium discount added onto entire order
  • Extended warranty on all products
  • Complimentary remote fuel management service, GetConnected AnyWare™
  • One point of contact for customer and technical service
  • Four day shipping lead-time

Unmatched Support Getting the right answers to your questions can’t wait. We have the world’s largest group of certified service companies and backs you with one of the industry’s leading technical and customer service teams. Also included in this arsenal of support are these valuable online tools, which help you keep track of every aspect of your business anytime, 24/7: Distributor Self-Service Center

  • Follow your order from placement to arrival
  • Track shipments
  • View order history
  • Download invoices

TechLAB – Franklin Fueling Systems online technical service storehouse

  • Provides installation views
  • Offers online certifications
  • Delivers the latest technical information 24/7

Make sure to check our new Total System Solution brochure/poster to learn even more about what sets Franklin apart as the industry leader and then order yourself one to hang up in your office or parts counter using our online literature order form. Be sure to contact your local sales team member if you are interested in participating in the Complete Site Package Discount program. Download the brochure/poster. Download the Sales Presentation.

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Hose/Swivel Assembly Recall

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Hose/Swivel Assembly Recall



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