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662 Series Emergency Shear Valve Now ATEX Approved


662 Valve - SmallIn late 2012 Franklin Fueling Systems announced the release of an enhanced e-coated design for our 662 Series emergency shear valves. We are pleased to announce that our new design has now achieved ATEX approval.

To receive ATEX approval, an independent third party must validate that the product in question meets the standards for use in an explosive atmosphere as outlined in the European Directive 94/9/EC.

EBW™ brand 662 Series emergency shear valves immediately stop product flow in the event of fire or collision at the dispenser. A patented adapter shears upon impact, causing the poppet to seal on the valve body preventing fuel spillage. When fire occurs, a fusible link releases the fulcrum arm, engaging the poppet. Standard 1-1/2" openings allow minimal flow restriction and a pre-drilled test plug is included for line pressure testing. The valve can be boss or U-bolt mounted. Easy-to-replace adapters slide on and off valve base without lifting the dispenser. Adapters are available in male, female or union connections. Single poppet models stop product flow from the pump. Double poppet models stop flow from the pump and dispenser piping.

662 Series emergency shear valves offer full compatibility with gasoline, gas/alcohol blends (including E85), diesel and biodiesel. This has been achieved in part through an e-coating process widely used in the automotive industry to electrostatically bond paint to a metal surface. This provides seven times the durability of conventional galvanized and/or zinc coatings.


  • Fusible link closes poppet in the event of a fire (165.0 ºF and 73.9 ºC).
  • Single and double poppet.
  • Main poppet seals in valve body, preventing accidents when replacing adapters.
  • E-coated body for corrosion protection.
  • Meets NFPA 30A requirements.
  • AGB compatible (E-85, gasoline and Biodiesel).
  • ATEX approved

Click here for more technical details on the 662 Series emergency shear valves  or download the 662 Series emergency shear valve Datasheet (PDF file).

Please contact Franklin Fueling Systems Customer Service at +49 6571 105 380 if you have any questions regarding pricing or the enhancement of this product.

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