Installation Tools

At the heart of the electrofusion welding process is the handheld 230 V EF1 electrofusion welder. The robust construction, water and dust-resistant housing, and easy-to-read graphic display of the electrofusion process provides installers with a durable, reliable, and simple means of installation. The handheld EF1 electrofusion welder automatically recognizes a fitting when connected with the welding cable and also checks the ambient temperature using a sensor positioned in the housing and adjusts the energy level to balance with the surrounding environment. It then applies the correct amount of energy necessary to achieve a successful weld. One welder can handle every type of electrofusion welding coupler, fitting, or entry seal and comes complete with welding leads in a lightweight carrying bag.

EF1-230V Handheld electrofusion welder, 230 V, with carying case and all necessary welding leads
408032001Step - up transformer, required for handheld welder operation
EF1-BC 2MMEF1 welder bridging cable, green 2mm (for Cable Tight™ only)*
  • *For bridge welding a maximum of (2) couplers at once
408201001Reusable flexible conduit reel
ROTOSCRAPER075¾” Speed scraper tool
ROTOSCRAPER1001” Speed scraper tool
SCR-025-125UPP Rotary Scraper 25-125mm 1" - 4"11.483.26Aluminium & Steel
SCR-090-225UPP Rotary Scraper 90-225mm 3" - 9"13.577.87Aluminium & Steel
SCR-BLADE-025-225UPP Rotary Scraper Spare Blade 1" - 9"10.010.02Steel
SCR.HARUPP Hand Scraper10.080.18Plastic & Steel
SCR.HAR(B)Blades for SCR.HAR (8 Blades)20.040.09Steel
303-CLAMP-1 Polyethylene entry seal welding clamp (for use with P/N 303-063)
408179001¾" spigotted rigid metal conduit to ¾" flexible conduit clamp
4081790021" spigotted rigid metal conduit to 1" flexible conduit clamp
408179003¾" coated rigid metal conduit to ¾" flexible conduit clamp
4081790041" coated rigid metal conduit to 1" flexible conduit clamp
  • Note: Either conduit clamps or straight clamps may be used to secure conduits in place during a weld.
CLAMP (S)Straight clamp for conduit joints*
  • * CLAMP (S) is only to be used on 303-063 electrofusion entry seal reducers to PE coated conduit.
408005901Consumables kit, includes: (1) pound of lint-free rags,
(2) markers, (2) one quart spray bottles, (1) box of Nitrile gloves, (2) silver markers, (1) sheet emery cloth, (2) paint scrapers