Mechanically Operated 90 Degree Emergency Valve

Emergency Valves make product handling safer. These Emergency Valves have a shear groove that meets 49 CFR 178.345-8. The seat area of the valve is located inside the tank shell as required by DOT regulations.
This valve gives you the advantage of a faster flow rate while fitting a standard 4" TTMA sump. The high flow rate is established by a full opening throat area. Emergency Valves are available in 90 degree elbow type or straight type, 4" TTMA flanges or Victaulic™ outlet, and mechanical or air assisted.

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  • Highlights

    • High flow rate.
    • Fits standard 4" TTMA sump.
    • Shear section per TTMA, RP84-92 and meets DOT 49 CFR 178.345-8.
    • Force ratings from TTMA RP86-92.
    • Shear groove meets DOT 406 requirement.
    • Optional external air cylinder available.
    • Available in Victaulic™ (*) or flanged version.
    • Fluorocarbon O-ring.
  • Specs

    Model Unit880-430-01
    Weight (Pounds/Kilograms)11.0/4.99


    Model Unit880-431-01
    Weight (Pounds/Kilograms)11.0/4.99
  • Order Info

    Part NumberDescription
    880-430-014" Standard Victaulic™ Outlet Seal
    Part NamePart Number
    Emergency Valve Victaulic™ 4" Body880-428-01
    3/16” SYN PTFE Packing1135801
    O-ring FLC #2-1141103920
    Spirol Retaining Ring1109008
    Cam Shaft880-241-01
    Stuffing Box Nut880-242-01
    Emergency Valve Retainer Assembly 880-264-01
    Poppet Spring1135701
    Poppet Assembly880-263-01
    Cam Lever Assembly880-265-01
    Emergency Valve Sump Gasket1138801
    Anti-seize Lubricant1114401


    Part NumberDescription
    880-431-014" Standard Flanged Outlet Seal


    Part NumberPart Name
    880-429-01Emergency Valve Flanged 4" Body
    11358013/16" SYN PTFE Packing
    1103920O-ring FLC #2-114
    1109008Spirol Retaining Ring
    880-241-01Cam Shaft
    880-242-01Stuffing Box Nut
    880-264-01Emergency Valve Retainer Assembly
    1135701Poppet Spring
    880-263-01Poppet Assembly
    880-265-01Cam Lever Assembly
    1138801Emergency Valve Sump Gasket
    1114401Anti-seize Lubricant
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