Product Drop Elbows

This durable 22" tall product elbow was designed for those deep tank burial applications and has a high flow rate as a result of the unrestricted flow pattern. It fits all 4-inch top seal adapters and can also be ordered with a variety of different adapters to meet any requirement. The single four bolt flange design allows for easy replacement of adapters over competitive threaded styles and is designed for extremely easy on- and off-coupling as a result of aluminum bronze alloy docking.

Order Info
  • Highlights

    • Lightweight cast aluminum.
    • Four bolt flange pattern fits all 4" seal adapters.
    • Protective base shield.
    • Unique cam locking handle for easy on/off coupling.
    • 22" tall for deep tank burial applications.
  • Specs

    Model Unit8804930188049302880493038804930488049305
    Weight (Pounds/Kilograms)12.3/5.5813/5.914.5/6.5914.5-6.5914.5/6.59
    Size (Inches/Millimeters)4.00/101.63.00/76.24.00/101.63.00/76.2
    Model Unit8804500188045501880455028804550488045505
    Weight (Pounds/Kilograms)13.75/6.2416/7.2618/8.1818/8.1818/8.18
    Size (Inches/Millimeters)4.00/101.63.00/76.23.00/76.24.00/101.6
  • Order Info

    Part NumberDescription
    88049301Product Elbow Dual Point - No Adapter
    880493024" Cam and Groove Adapter with Sight Glass 21" tall
    880493033" Cam and Groove Adapter with Sight Glass
    880493044" NPT Adaptor with Sight Glass
    880493053" NPT Adaptor with Sight Glass
    Part NumberPart Name
    88013601Rear Arm Assembly
    88013901Connecting Link
    88048201Operating Handle
    Operational Instruction
    88013501Front Arm Assembly
    88015101Sight Tube Spacer
    88016201Sight Tube
    88014001Sight Glass Seal
    880284014" Dia. Coupling Adapter
    880396013" Cam & Groove Adapter
    880289014" NPT Adapter
    880397013" NPT Adapter
    1119001Wave Spring
    88013801Connecting Pin
    88014901Shoulder Spacer
    1119601Screw - 3/8-16 × 1.5" Hex Socket
    88013802Connecting Pin
    1118801High Alloy Groove Pin
    1118601Flanged Bushing
    88012101Cam Assembly Insert
    Part NumberDescription
    88045001Body Only
    880455014" Male Cam & Groove with S.G.
    880455023" Male Cam & Groove with S.G.
    880455043" Male NPT with S.G.
    880455054" Male NPT with S.G.
    Part NumberPart Name
    88045901Product Elbow Body
    88023701Product Elbow Handle
    1130801Product Elbow Seal
    1108605Pin Spirol
    88031001Locking “Right" Cam
    88023801Handle Block
    88031002Locking “Left" Cam
    88014001Sight Tube Seal
    88016201Sight Tube
    880284014" Cam & Groove Adapter
    88015101Sight Tube Spacer
    880396013" Cam & Groove Adapter
    88024701Adapter Flange Gasket
    880397013" NPT Adapter
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