Loading and off-loading fuel from a transport truck is easier than ever with the bottom loading adapters from Franklin Fueling Systems. While loading, the free floating poppet opens under pressure allowing the handle to remain in the closed position. This minimizes spillage caused by leaving the handle in the open position when disconnected from the bottom loader. The adapter handle is offered in aluminum or nylon and provides two open positions of flow allowing the delivery driver to manage the flow rate while off-loading fuel from the truck.

The lightweight, heavy-duty adapter is engineered and tested to meet API RP 1004 specifications. The outer end is made of hard coated aluminum and rotates seven times to maximize the products life and prevent wear that can be caused by terminal off-loading couplings. The inner wall of the adapter is fully tapered, minimizing product retention inside of the valve when off loading is complete. Each model is compatible with all API dry disconnect couplers and are constructed with a standard TTMA 4" tank truck flange and mounting lugs for FFS air interlock valves. Sight glass options are mounted on the side of the valve to maximize visibility during fuel transfer and are available in 1" and 3.5" sizes. Fuel loading and off loading management has never been easier, safer or more efficient.

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  • Highlights

    • Long Life - Front API head may be rotated up to seven times to maximize the life of the adapter.
    • Long Life - Enhanced 3.5" sight glass provides greater impact strength and is compatible with Biofuels including E85 and Biodiesel.
    • Safety - Free floating poppet is opened by pressure from the terminal adapter probe to minimize spills during loading.
    • Speed of Delivery - The cam design utilized to retract the adapter poppet minimizes product flow restriction during off loading and loading.
  • Order Info

    88050002Short stroke three position, no sight glass
    88050004Short stroke three position, 3.5" sight glass
    88050005Short stroke, three position, no handle, 3" sight glass
    88050007Short stroke, removable handle, no sight glass
    88012001Dust boot air cylinder
    88050701Replacement poppet kit with handles
    88050702Replacement poppet kit for bottom loaders with handles
    DescriptionPart Number880-500 Model
    Poppet head88050901-02, -04, -07
    Spring, poppet88012701-02, -04, -07
    O-ring1103938-02, -04, -07
    Washer, flat, 5/8" ID88019101-02, -04, -07
    Latch dual88050601-02, -04, -07
    Cam, loading arm88021501-02, -04, -07
    Roller, cam88019001-02, -04, -07
    Pin, roller cam88018901-02, -04, -07
    Hex, permanent handle88019801-02, -04
    Spring, handle88010201-02, -04
    Handle, dual latching88050501-02, -04
    Handle, dual latching (Canada)88050503-7
    Pin, latch88019201-02, -04, -07
    O-ring, cross shaft1103912-02, -04, -07
    Pin, 3/16", spiral1108604-02, -04, -07
    Cap screw, socket head ¼-20 x 2"1117016-02, -04
    Locknut, ¼-201104105-02, -04
    Cap screw, socket head, 10-24 x 5/8"1103010-02, -04, -07
    Sight glass, 3.5" bubble88051201-4
    O-ring, sight glass, 1" bubble1103936-3
    O-ring, sight glass, 3.5" bubble1103937-4
    Ball, flow indicator, 3/8", green88012402-3
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