Vapor Return Hose Couplers

Fast, safe vapour recovery is easy with probed hose couplers. Hose shank end bands to a vapour recovery hose and the probe automatically opens the poppet of the vapour check valve when coupled. The coupler comes in three sizes for use with most vapour check valves and hose configurations. The poppetted vapour return hose coupler design prevents vapour from escaping when disconnected. The probe automatically opens the vapour check valve when connected properly. The design also offers low restrictive vapour passage. The body and probe are made of heat-treated anodised aluminium with forged bronze cams and stainless steel pins, and the poppet has a replaceable fluorocarbon seal.

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  • Highlights

    • Meets API RP 1004 Standard.
    • Heat-treated, aluminium alloy body and brass probe.
    • Forged bronze cams and stainless steel pins.
    • Used with probe for opening vapour check valve.
  • Specs

    Model Unit774-320-02774-320-03
    Dim. A (Inches/Millimeters)3.00/76.24.00/101.6
    Dim. B (Inches/Millimeters)6.62/168.156.62/168.15
    Dim. C (Inches/Millimeters)4.75/120.654.75/120.65
    Weight (Pounds/Kilograms)3.00/1.363.38/1.53
  • Order Info

    Part NumberDescription
    774-320-02774-CV 4" × 3" Assembly
    774-320-03774-CV 4" × 4" Assembly
    Part NamePart Number
    774-CV 4" × 3" Assembly774-320-02
    774-CV 4" × 4" Assembly774-320-03
    3" Gasket774-202-03
    4" Gasket774-202-04
    Groove Pin11125-07
    Cam & Ring Assembly774-116-03
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