662 Replacement Tops and Accessories

ModelDescriptionPoppetShear Valve Adapter UsedThread
662-500-201Shear Valve Top Union 1.5"Single662-500-901Union
662-501-201Shear Valve Top Union 1.5"Double662-501-901Union
ModelDescriptionPoppetShear Valve Adapter UsedThread
662-500-202Shear Valve Top Female 1.5" NPTSingle662-500-902NPT
662-501-202Shear Valve Top Female 1.5" NPTDouble662-501-902NPT
662-502-202Shear Valve Top Female N/C 1.5" NPTDouble662-502-902NPT
662-510-202Shear Valve Top Female 1.5" BSPTSingle662-510-902BSPT
662-511-202Shear Valve Top Female 1.5" BSPTDouble662-511-902BSPT
ModelDescriptionPoppetShear Valve Adapter UsedThread
662-500-203Shear Valve Top Male 1.5" NPTSingle662-500-903NPT
662-501-203Shear Valve Top Male 1.5" NPTDouble662-501-903NPT
662-510-203Shear Valve Top Male 1.5" BSPTSingle662-510-903BSPT
662-511-203Shear Valve Top Female 1.5" BSPTDouble662-511-903BSPT

662 Accessories


Holds the single or double poppet shut-off valve rigidly in place, ensuring proper shearing.

Lbs. Kg
662-138-01U-bolt kit0.30.14
Lbs. Kg
90074Fulcrum arm with Hex0.10.05
662-250-01Fusible link assembly0.10.05