EBW tank tools make installation faster, safer and easier. These heavy duty tools can be used for removal as well as installation, on new or existing systems.Hard-to-reach fill adapters are easily removed or installed with the EBW heavy duty chain wrench. It features a 3/4" drive to reach adapters located below grade level or in other difficult locations. EBW extractor wrenches were designed to easily remove or install valves, test plugs and pipe caps. The 321-100 is used with the EBW extractor foot valve, extractor vent valves and most competitor extractor fittings.

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Wrench has cast iron head with steel chain.
  • Wrench is steel constructed.
321-100-0160" extractor wrenchRemove and install146.4
901-101-013/4" chain wrenchRemove and install31.4

The T-6100-FT flaring tool reduces the installation time for 4" aluminum fill drop tubes. This flaring tool cuts and flares the tube in less than 10 minutes. Eliminates drilling, bolting and epoxying a factory-supplied drop tube.

  • Cut tube.
  • Flare tube.
  • Fix small dents on tube.
  • No drill required.
T-6100-FTFlaring tool kit for flaring drop tubes
  • Note: May require two week lead time, consult factory.

Designed to install and remove Phil-Tite and competitive make spill containers and swivel adapters. Each tool is color-coded to perform specific functions.

Black adapterPhil-Tite spill containers
Orange adapterPhil-Tite fill and vapor swivel adapters and M/F 4×4 riser adapters
T-handleAttaches to color-coded tools
Allen wrenchRemoves screw protecting threaded openings for jackscrews
T-7001T-handle for installation tool kit
T-7002-ABlack heavy duty adapter used to install removable Phil-Titespill buckets
T-7002-HDHeavy duty spill bucket removal tool, includes T-7002-A adapter and T-handle with handle weights
T-7043Tool kit required to install a Phil-Tite spill container, tool kit items listed above
T-7100Red adapter tool used to remove old fill non-swivel adapters with lugs
T-7102Orange adapter tool, used to remove or install SWF-100-B and SWV-101-B swivel adapters and M/F 4×4 riser adapters
T-7103Blue adapter tool, used to install OPW tall swivel adapters
T-7104Green torque adapter tool for static torque testing on any swivel adapter
T-7200Cast iron cover removal tool
T-7106Defender Series spill container installation tool
T-7107Defender Series spill container double wall vacuum test kit

Keeps debris out of the filter area of the spill container. Easily removed and cleaned.

  • EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101.
  • Missouri MOPETP approved APCP-0002-001-99.
PP-1005-TBDebris bucket without pump
PP-1005-TBPDebris bucket with pump

This 4" × 4" threaded riser adapter installs at the top of the 4" field-installed tank riser for a precision sealing surface for spill containers and probe adapters. Adds 1-3/4" to riser length.

  • Patent number 6,840,549 B1.
  • EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101.
  • Tracer tight approved.
  • Missouri MOPETP approved APCP-0002-001-99.
MF 4×44" × 4" threaded riser adapter

Alignment brackets to keep riser pipes supported at 16" or center-to-center separation for alignment into multi-port cover.

  • EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101.
  • Missouri MOPETP approved APCP-0002-001-99.
M-1600Riser alignment bracket for 16" center

Designed for separation and orderly support of piping runs. Intended to be buried for permanent installation.

48-409Styrofoam piping supports, 20-pack

Used to ease the removal of cast iron covers.

T-7200Cast iron cover removal tool

For use with Defender Series® Overfill Prevention Valves.

708535901Roll Crimping Tool
708530930Replacement roller bit
CW-1Replacement cutting tool
708534901Defender OPV Remote Testing Tool
708534902Coaxial Defender OPV Remote Testing Tool