Extractor Vent Valves and Accessories

EBW extractor vent valves are designed to fit into a 4" tank opening on an underground storage tank. Several outlet sizes are available to accommodate manifolded tank lines and Stage II vapor recovery installations.

E-coated bodies are fully compatible for alcohol/gas blends and biodiesel.

Extractor Vent Valve

310-400-11Without cage-NPT135.9
311-400-11Without cage-NPT135.9
330-400-11Without cage-NPT188.16
331-400-11Without cage-NPT156.8
340-400-11Without cage-NPT177.71
340-400-41Without cage-BSP177.71

Extractor Vent Valves Accessories


Plug used for isolating vent piping from tank during testing.

Lbs. Kg
391-201-014" test plug3.61.63
Lbs. Kg
760-201-014" pipe cap4.62.09

Five-foot extractor wrench works on all EBW extractor vent valves for removing extractor cage assemblies and inserting test plugs.

Lbs. Kg
321-100-015' extractor wrench146.35