Vapor Adaptor Cap

304 4" Vapor Recovery Cap


The vapor cap secures the vapor check valve preventing dust and debris buildup. It also protects the vapor poppet of a dual point fill system. Orange in color to indicate vapor recovery lines and lockable to prevent misuse, our vapor cap fits all 4" male quick couplings. The cam action creates a solid push down and pull up movement for fast, easy removal and replacement of cap.

  • Two body styles to choose from, glass-filled nylon or epoxy coated aluminum.
  • Padlock capability.
  • Iron-copper infiltrated 4" cams.
  • Corrosion-resistant steel hatches.
  • Orange body for easy identification.
30420006Glass-filled PBT, AGB1.190.53
30420007Glass filled PBT w/chain, AGB1.190.53
30430103*Epoxy coated aluminum, AGB1.380.63
30430104Epoxy coated aluminum w/chain, AGB1.380.63
  • * Biofuel approved model (E85 and biodiesel), CARB: EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101.