Safe-Lite Composite Manways

EBW SAFE-LITE FRC manway covers are ultra lightweight. Engineered and tested to exceed the D.O.T. H20 load ratings. Covers weigh almost one-third less than steel which dramatically reduces injury potential during cover removal. Available in 12", 30", 36" and 42" sizes. The slide action cover further reduces the chance of injury by eliminating the need to bend down to remove or replace the cover.

  • Exceeds D.O.T. Requirements - Engineered for high-strength and tested to over 50,000 lbs. load (2-1/2 times D.O.T. requirement) without failure.
  • Fatigue Resistant - Product has undergone 30 year life simulation testing, with 11,000 loading cycles of 20,000 lbs. each.
  • Lightweight - FRC composite covers weigh almost one-third less than steel. Lighter weight reduces back injuries, increases ease of access to manway and decreases shipping costs.
  • Skirt Ring - Made of 1/4" rolled angle iron. Skirt is 14 gauge steel, built to handle the heaviest traffic.
  • Slide Action Cover - Cover is removed and replaced by placing the slide action handle into the plate on the cover. No bending down to remove the cover.
  • Cover Options - Bolted, non-bolted and slide on models. All covers are supplied with handles. Other colors available; call for details.
  • Optional Aramid Covers - For extra wear protection at heavy traffic sites. Available for 36" and 42" models only.

12" Round FRC Covers

ModelCover ODDescription

30" Round FRC Covers

ModelCover ODDescription
781-459-0632.00"Grey, bolted cover

36" Round FRC Covers

ModelCover ODDescription
781-456-0639.50"Grey, bolted cover
781-482-0639.50"Grey, slide action cover
  • M.H.ASS'Y,36" SLID - 78148512GRY is not supplied with gasket. Gasket must be ordered separately. Gasket part number is NONBOLT KIT.