Foot Valves and Extractors

Brass Foot Valve:
Foot valves are used to maintain the prime in suction system fuel lines. The foot valves are installed at the bottom of the suction pipe at the bottom of an underground storage tank. Single poppet foot valves are typically used where easy access to the valve is available. Double poppet models offer twice as much protection for maintaining the prime. Both 1-1/2" models can be used with EBW 320 extractor fittings.

Foot Valve Extractor:
The 320 foot valve extractor is designed for use with the 150 and 156 1-1/2" foot valves. This 20 lb. extractor valve provides a means to remove foot valves easily from underground storage tanks for cleaning or servicing. The 320 foot valve extractor is gasket sealed to prevent loss of prime caused by air being sucked in through the top fitting.

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  • Highlights

    Brass Foot Valve

    • Metal to metal poppet seating.
    • 24 mesh screen protects the valve from debris.
    • All valves are pressure tested to ensure accuracy.
  • Specs

    Brass Foot Valves

    • Body: brass.
    • Poppet: brass.
    • Screen: 24 mesh brass.

    Foot Valve Extractor

    • Body: zinc plated cast iron.
    • Cap: bronze.
    • Suction stub adapter: bronze.
    • Gasket: leather.

    Thread Size

    ModelInlet Female ThreadInlet Male ThreadOutlet ThreadTop Thread
  • Order Info

    Brass Foot Valves

    50-105-011/2" single1.44372.75700.750.34
    51-100-011/2" double1.443741021.180.54
    75-105-013/4" single1.69432.75700.940.43
    76-100-013/4" double1.694341021.310.6
    100-105-011" single2513761.120.51
    101-100-011" double2514.251081.560.71
    150-202-011-1/2" single2.75704.251083.121.42
    151-200-011-1/2" double2.75705.381374.381.99
    200-200-012" single3.44874.881244.381.99
    201-200-012" double3.44876.751726.442.92

    Foot Valve Extractor

    320-302-014.00 × 4.00 × 1.50102.00 × 102.00 × 38.005.5139.77.25184.15
    320-302-024.00 × 4.00 × 2.00102.00 × 102.00 × 51.005.5139.77.25184.15
    320-102-01Suction stub adapter
    320-103-01Cap assembly
    321-100-01Extractor wrench
    320-104-01Kit - cap with gasket
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