Fuel Identification

Fuel Identification Markers and Fill Identifier.

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    Fuel Identification Marker

    This interchangeable identification marker allows quick, visual identification of tank contents, eliminating the danger of wrong product fill. The aluminum base is easily set in soft concrete and removable brass letter plates are fastened to the base. When the tank contents change, the letters are easily changed to reflect the new product. The marker kit is available in eight standard letter codes.

    • Body: aluminum.
    • Plate: brass.

    Fill Identifier

    Tank contents and capacity are easily identified with this color-coded fill identifier. Colored identifiers allow instant identification of the tank’s contents. A solid brass plate, inscribed with maximum fill levels, helps prevent tank overfill and product mixing. The identifier and brass plate are permanently attached to the cast iron base which is set in soft concrete, flush with surrounding pavement. The identifier kit is available in five product-coded colors.

    • Body: cast iron.
    • Plate: brass.
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    Fuel Identification Markers

    In. mm
    787-100-03D - diesel kit3.50 × 2.0089.00 × 51.00
    787-100-06SU - super unleaded kit3.50 × 2.0089.00 × 51.00
    787-100-09RU - regular unleaded kit3.50 × 2.0089.00 × 51.00
    787-101-01Aluminum base only
    787-102-03D - brass letter only
    787-102-06SU - brass letter only
    787-102-09RU - brass letter only

    Fill Identifier

    In. mm
    787-103-02Fill replacement plate1.50 × 3.5038.00 × 89.00
    787-201-01High-grade unleaded kit, red4.00 × 5.00102.00 × 127.00
    787-201-02Low-grade unleaded kit, white4.00 × 5.00102.00 × 127.00
    787-201-03Diesel kit, white4.00 × 5.00102.00 × 127.00
    787-201-04Mid-grade unleaded kit, blue4.00 × 5.00102.00 × 127.00
    787-200-01Iron box only5.00 × 6.80127.00 × 173.00
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