Water Separator

The Corrosion Control™ Water Separator provides proactive in-tank corrosion control by removing tank bottom corrosion contributors including water and acid. The water separator uses the flow of fuel created by a 4” FE PETRO® submersible turbine pump to generate a vacuum which suctions the tank bottom. The separator vessel collects any water/acid mixture and the clean fuel is directed back into the tank. The water/acid mixture is then removed by a service technician, keeping the tank clear of the harmful corrosion-causing mixture.

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  • Highlights

    • Compatible with any new or existing FE PETRO® 4” submersible turbine pump (STP).
    • Mounts to any 4” riser including either an STP riser or probe riser.
    • Element-free vessel has no filter to change, eliminating ongoing replacement costs.
    • All stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance.
    • Comprised of UL recognized components.
    • Height adjustable tank bottom suctioning kit can accommodate tanks up to 10’ in diameter.
    • Automated control and monitoring is provided via an EVO™ Series automatic tank gauge (ATG).
    • The ATG runs the Water Separator for 45 minutes after each delivery as well as once a day during a non-peak time to remove any water/acid mixture that drops to the tank bottom.
    • During scheduled operation, the ATG opens the water separator’s solenoid valve to allow fuel to begin flowing through the separator vessel while a flow switch monitors the system for positive flow.
    • An integrated water detection sensor provides a notification to empty the vessel via the ATG.
  • Specs

    • Vessel capacity: 1 Gallon of water/acid
    • Eductor flow: 8 GPM flow to drive suction pickup
    • Suction pickup: ¼ GPM
    • Suction vacuum: 10 in/Hg

    Containment Sump Requirements

    • Minimum of 32” of height inside the tank sump.
    • Accessible 4” port in the tank manway.
    • At least 12” of riser height for mounting.
    • High voltage conduit for solenoid wiring.
    • Intrinsically safe conduit for water detection sensor and flow switch sensor wiring.

    Automatic Tank Gauge Requirements

    • EVO™ 550 or EVO™ 5000 ATG.
    • EVO™ Series ATG firmware version 2.19 or later.
    • Conditions software (TS-CON).
    • 1 open relay module port (for solenoid).
    • 2 open 3-wire module ports (for water detection sensor and flow switch).
  • Order Info

    Corrosion Control™ Water Separator

    407985901Corrosion Control™ Water Separator, includes items #1 though #12 below
    407945910Water removal hand pump
    40396300113” cable ties, 100 pack

    Corrosion Control™ Water Separator Component Kits

    407945901Water Separator return kit1
    407945902Water Separator suction kit2
    407945903Water Separator mounting kit3
    407945904Eductor manifold kit4
    40794590521” Separator vessel kit5
    407945906Separator to eductor kit6
    407945907Separator to suction kit7
    407945908STP to eductor supply kit8
    407945909Installation hardware kit (not shown)9
    FMP-WDSWater Detection Sensor10
    FF07X30EZXEZ90Flexible connector, ¾” x 30”, EZ FIT x 1” EZ FIT 90° elbow11
    FF07X24EZXEZ90Flexible connector, ¾” x 24”, EZ FIT x 1” EZ FIT 90° elbow12

    Separator Return Kit Replacement Parts

    407957001¼” NPT x 3/8” suction tube coupler1
    4074930011” EZ FIT gasket2
    EZ10CLAMP1” EZ FIT clamp
    4079950011” EZ FIT x 1” EZ FIT 90° elbow3
    4074930044” EZ FIT gasket4
    EZ40CLAMP4” EZ FIT clamp

    Eductor Manifold Kit Replacement Parts

    407938001¾” solenoid valve1
    4074930011” EZ FIT gasket2
    EZ10CLAMP1” EZ FIT clamp
    EZ10X07HMSS1” EZ FIT x ¾” NPT hex male adapter3
    4079950011” EZ FIT x 1” EZ FIT 90° elbow4
    4077650011” EZ FIT orifice plate5
    EZ10CLAMP1” EZ FIT clamp
    407941001¾” Y strainer6
    407774901¾” Y strainer replacement screen only
    407939001¾” eductor7
    405590908Eductor replacement O-ring
    EZ10X07X712MSS1” EZ FIT x ¾” NPT adapter8

    Separator Vessel Kit Replacement Parts

    4077610014” EZ FIT Water Separator cap1
    403499001¼” NPT pipe plug
    4074930044” EZ FIT gasket2
    EZ40CLAMP4” EZ FIT clamp

    Separator Eductor Kit Replacement Parts

    4079410023/8” Y strainer1
    4077749023/8” Y strainer replacement screen only
    4077750013/8” flow switch2
    407984001¼” male x 36” male flexible connector3

    Separator Suction Kit Replacement Parts

    407762001¼” female check valve1
    407984002¼” male x 48” male flexible connector2
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