Turbine Pump Interface

PROTECTION & EFFICIENCY. Run your entire business as efficiently as possible by networking an INCON™ brand fuel management system together with FE Petro™ brand intelligent pump controllers via Turbine Pump Interface. Turbine Pump Interface provides additional protection to your pumping system while also maximizing uptime through fuel management capabilities. Check out these scenarios where TPI can increase efficiency and protect your business.

  • Highlights


    Pump in Water Automation

    Scenario: When the water level in a tank approaches the pump intake, the tank gauge will enter alarm mode and automatically shut down the pump, protecting the system and consumers from water being pumped from that tank. How did turbine pump interface save the day?

    • By shutting off the affected pump, TPI prevented water from being pumped into the customer’s vehicle, avoiding potential damage and lost customer loyalty. Additionally, the fuel management rules engine can automatically notify the proper off-site personnel to ensure a timely and accurate response.


    Clogged Intake Escalation

    Scenario: When the pump controller reports a dry run, the tank gauge automatically verifies against product levels and determines whether a clogged intake has occurred. If clogged, the tank gauge on it’s own automatically will attempt to clear the intake. How did Turbine Pump Interface save the day?

    • By attempting to clear the intake on its own, TPI can eliminate the need for a service call. Whether the intake is cleared or not, TPI will log the alarm to provide detailed history to expedite service in the event of a future dry run versus clogged intake alarms.


    Leveling & Priority Modes

    Scenario: When managing two storage tanks of the same product 'Leveling Mode' can keep both tanks at the same percentage full without the use of a syphon bar between the two tanks. Alternately, 'Priority Mode' will pump one tank down to a certain level before turning on the other pump. How did Turbine Pump Interface save the day?

    • Leveling Mode mimics a traditional syphon system without the upfront cost of piping between the two storage tanks. You can also avoid the on-going maintenance costs of servicing the syphon bar as well as the additional piping penetrations in the tank sumps.


    Remote Pump Interaction

    Scenario: A site reports an intermittent problem with the pumping system, but cannot provide any detailed feedback of the alarms being issued by the intelligent controllers and the tank gauge. How did Turbine Pump Interface save the day?

    • By networking the intelligent controllers to the fuel management system via TPI, a technician can remotely connect to the site to review the logged event history and view the status of the pump controllers. If necessary, the history provided by TPI can ensure the proper equipment is on the technician’s service vehicle before leaving to perform maintenance.

  • Specs

    Turbine Pump Interface is built into the following FE Petro brand intelligent controllers for service and control integration to Franklin Fueling Systems T5 Series Fuel Management Systems (TS-5, TS-550, TS-5000, TS-550 evo):

    • MagVFC (60 Hz)
    • STP-SCI (60 Hz)
    • STP-SCIII (60 Hz)
    • EcoVFC (50 Hz)
    • STP-SCI (50 Hz)
    • STP-SCIIIC (50 Hz)
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