Wire Management

The Cable Tight™ wire management system provides a true watertight end-to-end solution for electrical, sensor, and data wire management. With the safe and easy electrofusion welding installation process the HDPE-constructed electrical conduit, entry seals, and sumps are joined together to form one seamless system.



Accurate Installation

Connections between containment sumps, conduit, and fittings are made using the electrofusion welding process. It yields consistent and accurate joints and eliminates any messy glues or adhesives that can be affected by weather or temperature.

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Eliminate Liquid Entry Paths Underground

Cable Tight™ flexible conduit is constructed of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and comes available in 1,000’ or 1,500’ coils that can be rolled out into long continuous runs, free of joints. This eliminates potential liquid entry paths from threaded or glued buried joints that need to be made every 10’ with traditional PVC or steel conduit.

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Highly Flexible, Highly Durable

Cable Tight™ conduits are manufactured using highly durable and corrosion-resistant materials. The conduit’s flexible construction wont crack when bent during cold-weather installation or shatter if accidentally struck by a tool or stepped on after they’ve been laid out on a busy job site.

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