Submersible Pumping Systems

FE Petro™ brand submersible pumping systems set the standard for performance, efficiency and safety by which all other systems are measured. With a history of excellence, FE Petro™ maintains a unique set of system features that sets it apart as the industry’s fuel pumping leader.



Variable Speed

With faster fill times during peak hours and power savings during non-peak hours, FE Petro™ 2 Hp and 4 Hp variable speed submersible pumping systems allow you to maximize profits while mitigating operating expenses.

Learn how variable speed can help you.


Turbine Pump Interface

Run your business as efficient as possible by networking your FE Petro™ submersible pumping system with an EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauge. Add intelligence to your pumping system for additional performance capabilities.

Discover how TPI can save the day.



It’s always been about filling cars faster. The patented Magshell™ is designed to do just that. By expanding the pump motor shell, the Magshell™ increases the area for product flow by 45%.

See how you can get faster flow rates.


Fuel Compatibility

Market demands for alternative fuel compatibility continue to change. As standards change, FE Petro™ systems are at the forefront, gaining the new approvals our customers need.

Learn about our UL listed biofuel compatible STPs.


Easy Replacement

The rock solid design of FE Petro™ pumps has remained virtually unchanged since day one, meaning we can, and still do, service our pumps installed since 1988 with backward compatibility.

Check out our plug-and-play compatibility with FE Petro™ and competitive models.