Tank Top Equipment

Featuring EBW™ Hardware & Defender Series™ Spill Containers

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    Monitoring Well

    Combine the EBW™ manhole, screen pipe, and pipe wrap with the INCON™ monitoring well sensor for ultimate groundwater monitoring.

    Composite Manway

    At a fraction of the weight of steel, FLEX-ING™ composite manways provide a solid, well-constructed manhole that is easy to open for regular maintenance.

    Probe Access Manhole

    House fuel management systems electronics and provide tank access with isolation from backfill.

    Defender Series™ Spill Containment

    This system includes our most popular Defender Series™ double wall fill spill container and single wall vapor spill container. You can customize a Defender Series™ spill container to suit your application's specific needs at franklinfueling.com/defender.

    • Fill Spill Container: Double wall spill container with I2 (interstitial integrity) mechanical monitoring device, NPT base, drain and full biofuel compatibility.
    • Vapor Spill Container: Single wall spill container with NPT base and full biofuel compatibility.

    Swivel Adapter Kits

    Available for both fill and vapor spill container applications, each kit includes a stainless steel swivel adapter, cap, and male x male nipple for easy install into Defender Series™ spill containers.

    Future Spill Container Upgrade

    As regulations change, it may become necessary to upgrade a single wall spill container to meet future requirements. Defender Series™ spill containers allow a single wall model to be converted into a double wall spill container. Check out franklinfueling.com/defender to see how.

    Overfill Prevention

    Prevent the overfill of an underground storage tank during a gravity-fed product delivery. Selecting the right overfill prevention valve depends on many site factors including fuel compatibility and tank size. Use the "Select An Overfill Prevention Valve" table to ensure you select the overfill prevention valve that best fits the needs of your site

    Tank Bottom Protection

    Ensure a true tank bottom measurement and protect the bottom of the tank from punctures.

    Vent Line

    When combined with an EBW™ extractor vent valve, UPP™ single wall pipework makes the perfect solution for vent lines with it's semi-rigid construction and installation simplicity.

  • Order Info

    Equipment List

    Monitoring Well808-400-01
    Monitoring Well Sensor (15')TSP-MWS-15
    4" Screen Pipe (15')773-200-04
    4" Filter Wrap (100')773-100-04
    42" Composite Manway14U-4210
    4" Tank Fitting AdapterTFA-400-II
    Probe Access Manhole20URTATG
    4" Flexible Entry BootFEB-400-F
    4" Probe Cap & AdapterTSP-K4A
    Defender Series™ Double Wall Fill Spill Container705555111CI-GKT
    Defender Series™ Single Wall Vapor Spill Container705545012CI-GKT
    Fill Swivel Adapter Kit705-412-02
    Vapor Swivel Adapter Kit705-413-02
    Overfill Prevention ValveSee Table
    Tank Bottom Protector773-100-04
    4" x 4" x 2" NPT Extractor Vent Valve310-400-01
    2" Male Termination Fitting91-063 NPT-U
    2" Coupler02-063-L-U
    UPP™ 2" Single Wall Pipe (19')001.063.019V
    2" 90° Elbow03-063-EIF-U
    2" Female Termination Fitting92-063 NPT-U
    Pressure Vacuum Vent802-303-01

    Select An Overfill Prevention Valve

    Overall LengthModel
    • NOTE: Drop tube included with all overfill prevention valves.
    • *CARB EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101 for gas, factory installed top tube to valve body.
    • **CARB EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101 for gas/E85, factory installed top tube to valve body.
    • ***Biofuel Compatible (E-85/Biodiesel).
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