UPP Tools

ModelDescriptionUnitKgLbs.For Sizes
91-050-TOOLPlate spanner tool for use with 1½" male 90 Series termination fittings10.81.7All Male 1½" sizes
92-050-TOOLPlate spanner tool for use with 1½" female 90 Series termination fittings10.91.9All Female 1½" sizes
91-063-TOOLPlate spanner tool for use with 2" male 90 Series termination fittings11.12.4All Male 2" sizes
92-063-TOOLPlate spanner tool for use with 2" female 90 Series termination fittings11.22.6All Female 2" sizes
P.CUTUPP Pipe Cutter 50 - 110mm11.844.05Aluminium & Steel
P.CUT MEDUPP Pipe Cutter 110 -160mm12.194.82Aluminium & Steel
CW1Cutting Wheel for P.CUT & P.CUT MED10.0160.04Steel
RS-3232mm (1” primary) pipe scraper tool
RS-4040mm (1” secondary) pipe scraper tool
RS-5050mm (1½” primary) pipe scraper tool
RS-6363mm (2” primary or 1½” secondary) pipe scraper tool
RS-7575mm (2” secondary) pipe scraper tool
RS-9090mm (3” primary) pipe scraper tool
RS-110110mm (4” primary or 3” secondary) pipe scraper tool
RS-125125mm (4” secondary) pipe scraper tool
790136009160mm (6” secondary) pipe scraper tool
SCR-025-125UPP Rotary Scraper 25-125mm 1" - 4"11.483.26Aluminium & Steel
SCR-090-225UPP Rotary Scraper 90-225mm 3" - 9"13.577.87Aluminium & Steel
SCR-BLADE-025-225UPP Rotary Scraper Spare Blade 1" - 9"10.010.02Steel
SCR.HARUPP Hand Scraper10.080.18Plastic & Steel
SCR.HAR(B)Blades for SCR.HAR (8 Blades)20.040.09Steel
CLAMP (S)UPP Pipe Clamp - Straight 32 - 110mm 11.984.37Metal
CLAMP (A)UPP Pipe Clamp - Angled 32 - 110mm 12.575.67Metal
302-CLAMPClamp for UPP Fusion Seals 30210.611.34Steel
304-CLAMPClamp for UPP Fusion Seals 30411.944.28Steel
TH75SCMud Tight Towing Head for UPP SC Pipe 75x63mm12.926.44Aluminium & Steel
TH50-SDR8Towing Head for UPP UL & EN Pipe 50mm10.621.37Aluminium & Steel
TH63SC-SDR8Towing Head for UPP UL & EN Pipe 63mm11.493.28Aluminium & Steel
  • For pipe retrofit installations.
MAN1Mandrill for all Holesaws 10.220.49Steel
HS 3Holesaw 102mm for 303 & FEB-300-R Entry Seals10.40.88Steel
HS075Holesaw 105mm for FEB-D-075-1 Entry Seal10.461.01Steel
HS 5Holesaw 140mm for FEB-400-R, FEB-400-F, FEB-D-110-1 & 305 Entry Seals10.761.68Steel
HS 6Holesaw 160mm for 305-125-110 Entry Seals10.871.92Steel
  • Note: See Downloads for Seal / Holesaw / Clamp Matrix
MAL1Wooden Mallet 10.220.49Wood
MARKERPipe Marker10.020.04Marker Pen
F.DRIVERFlexishaft Driver for band clamps - 8mm10.1480.33Plastic & metal
D/TAPEUPP Warning Tape - 100m roll 100m0.02/m0.04/ftPE/Stainless Steel
E32-2014-50Epoxy cartridge (50ml)
E32 GUNEpoxy cartridge gun
EMERYEmery cloth for fiberglass entry booth sump surface preparation (sold in 1' lengths)
408005901Consumables kit, includes: (1) pound of lint-free rags,
(2) markers, (2) one quart spray bottles, (1) box of Nitrile gloves, (2) silver markers, (1) sheet emery cloth, (2) paint scrapers
408033901UPP Essentials Tool Kit includes: (1) angled clamp, (1) straight clamp, (4) 303 entry boot clamps, (1) consumables kit, (1) pipe cutter, (1) rotary scraper, (1) EFI-230v handheld welder, (1) step up transformer
408032001Step up transformer