Tank Sump Collars

Available in either 42" or 48" diameters, fiberglass tank sump collars allow for watertight installation of tank sumps to the top of the tank.

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  • Highlights

    • Available for installation at the fiberglass tank manufacturer or field retrofit applications.
    • Available for 8', 9', 10' and 11' diameter tanks and fiberglass tank sump diameter sizes 42" or 48".
    • Patent-pending parabolic design curves inward on top edge of the collar to facilitate adjustment of the tank sump to align with grade level.
    • Designed to work with Franklin Fueling Systems fiberglass collar mount tank sumps in 42" and 48" diameters.
    • Natural resin color ensures installers can easily see that the fiberglass matting is fully saturated with resin and all air pockets and bubbles are visible and can be removed.
    • Field retrofit installation kit available.
  • Specs


    • 1. 42" or 48" opening for tank top access
    • 2. Curved edge for sump alignment to grade level
    • 3. 8', 9', or 10' tank radius
    • 4. 3/16" thick fiberglass construction
    • 5. Extended lip for fiberglassing to tank surface

    42" Tank Sump Collar Dimensions

    48" Tank Sump Collars Dimensions

  • Order Info

    Fiberglass Tank Sump Collars

    60236700442" tank sump collar for 8’ tank diameters
    60236700242" tank sump collar for 10’ / 11’ tank diameters
    60236700548" tank sump collar for 8’ tank diameters
    60236700148" tank sump collar for 9’ tank diameters
    60236700348" tank sump collar for 10’ / 11’ tank diameters
    • Note: Each tank sump collar requires (1) tank sump collar installation kit shown below.

    Fiberglass Tank Sump Collar Installation Kit

    602366925Fiberglass tank sump collar installation kit includes: (2) wooden stir sticks, (2) pair rubber gloves, (3) quart containers of putty, (4) quart containers of resin, (7) tubes of catalyst, (5) 6" x 15' rolls of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) matte, (1) plastic putty mixing knife, (1) laminate spreader
    • Note: (1) fiberglass tank sump collar installation kit is required per collar for field retrofits. Kit ships in (2) boxes.
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