Fiberglass Entry

UPP® brand electrofusion fiberglass entry boots allow you to seamlessly connect UPP® brand double wall semi-rigid pipework systems to fiberglass containment sumps.

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  • Highlights

    • Available in 2”, 3”, and 4” models for use with UPP® brand secondary contained pipework systems.
    • Suitable for use on single and double wall containment sumps with wall thicknesses that do not exceed maximum thread width of each entry seal (4” models are not recommended for double wall or curved sump surfaces).
    • Allows for electrofusion welding of secondary contained pipework directly to boot.
    • Polyethylene sleeve is over-molded onto a bronze center section with multiple dovetail grooves tying the two materials together to create a watertight joint.
  • Specs


    • 1. Polyethylene sleeve
    • 2. Brass threads
    • 3. Compression disk (threading)
    • 4. Compression disk (fixed)
    • 5. Fiberglass sump wall
    • 6. Maximum thread width

    Maximum Thread Width

    This indicates the maximum width of the fiberglass sump wall the entry boot can accommodate.

    ModelThread With
    2”Entry Boot1-3/64” (26.5mm)
    3”Entry Boot1-3/64” (26.5mm)
    4”Entry Boot16/32” (15mm)


  • Order Info

    FEB-075-M*2” electrofusion fiberglass entry boot for use with 2” pipework
    FEB-110-M*3” electrofusion fiberglass entry boot for use with 3” pipework
    FEB-S-125*4” electrofusion fiberglass entry boot for use with 4” pipework
    FIBERGLASS-KIT**Fiberglass seam adhesive kit (includes matte, resin, putty and catalyst)
    E32-2014-50**Epoxy cartridge (50ml), qty 6
    E32 GUNEpoxy cartridge gun
    • *Additional fittings are required to complete the installation of these boots. See the Ordering Guide below page for details.
    • **(1) fiberglass seam adhesive kit and (1) epoxy cartridge can typically be used to complete 2 to 3 electrofusion fiberglass entry boot installations.

    Ordering Guide

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