Fiberglass Tank Sumps

Designed to provide maximum protection from water intrusion with a simplified installation process, the Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump delivers easy access to tank top equipment for fast maintenance and servicing. Completing the installation process is simple: the pour-in-place slurry secures the riser to the base’s integrated channel, with no messy fiberglassing required.

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  • Highlights


    • Single wall, collar mounted base with open bottom.
    • Available at a standard height of 60" and adjustable in the field down to 34" to accommodate shallow-buried tanks.
    • Lightweight, 21lbs, injection molded HDPE lid with integrated ribs for added strength.
    • The lightweight lid features a side-sealing gasket that locks liquid and debris out.
    • Three lid latches provide visual confirmation that the lid is appropriately seated and remains in place.
    • The pour-in-place fill channel makes connecting the riser to the octagonal base quick and easy for installers with no messy, time-consuming fiberglass seam work to do.


    • Available in 42" or 48" diameter bases, the 31" diameter clearing gives easy access to the sump during maintenance and inspection.
    • Two-piece design eliminates confined spaces during installation by allowing the installer to assemble the pipework through the octagonal base without the sump riser in the way.
    • Octagonal base and riser are constructed with eight flat panels to maximize flexibility of pipe entry locations.
    • The vapor pressure vent’s thin membrane balances pressure without letting liquid in, making it easier to remove the cover during maintenance.
    • Two stainless-steel retractable handles are surface-mounted to eliminate any potential leak paths into the lid.

  • Specs


    • 1. Lid with side-sealing gasket
    • 2. Riser
    • 3. Base
    • 4. Lid latches
    • 5. Fill channel
    • 6. Collar with open bottom
    • 7. Retractable handles
    • 8. Vapor pressure vent

    42" Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump Dimensions

    48" Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump Dimensions

  • Order Info

    Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sumps

    60240292242" watertight fiberglass tank sump includes base, riser, and lid
    60240290148" watertight fiberglass tank sump includes base, riser, and lid

    Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump Installation Tools & Accessories

    Pour-In-Place Slurry Kit

    602366924Pour-in-place slurry kit includes: (1) gallon resin, (1) pint catalyst, gloves, mixing stick, sand paper 
    • One kit required per tank sump.

    Collar Mount Seam Kit

    602366901Collar mount seam kit includes: (2) wooden stir sticks, (2) pair rubber gloves, (3) quart containers of resin, (4) tubes of catalyst, (2) rolls of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) matte, 6" x 27", (1) quart container of putty, (1) plastic putty mixing knife
    • One kit required per tank sump.

    Installation Accessories Kit

    602366933Installation accessories kit includes: (1) FRP roller, (2) plastic putty mixing knives, (2) wooden stir sticks, (1) scissors, (4) pair rubber gloves, (6) brushes

    Replacement Latches

    602395930Replacement latch assembly with adhesive
    602395940Replacement latch only
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