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Introduction to AdBlue/DEF


AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is an innovative new product which is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the increased popularity, we at Franklin decided to put together a quick, easy guide. Simply click on the image below to view our full sized infographic, which answers the following questions:

FFS_Infographic -DEF-THUMB

What is Adblue®/DEF?
What does Adblue®/DEF do?
How is Adblue®/DEF used?
How is Adblue®/DEF stored?
What do I need to know about Adblue®/DEF

Franklin Fueling Systems offers a complete system of AdBlue®/DEF compatible products all from a single manufacturer. Our system is designed together – to work together, resulting in unmatched system performance and an energy efficient means of keeping Adblue®/DEF from freezing at low temperatures.

Recirculation System
Because AdBlue®/DEF will freeze at around -11° C (12° F), no Adblue®/DEF system is complete without a means to prevent this post-combustion additive from freezing in the lines and costing you loss of potential sales.

Submersible Pumping Kits
Our FE Petro™ brand Adblue®/DEF submersible turbine pump (STP) kits come complete with everything you need for pumping Adblue®/DEF, including a pump motor assembly built just for Adblue®/DEF applications.

All compatible hardware products are composed of Adblue®/DEF compatible materials including stainless steel and various elastomers.

Hanging Hardware
Our complete AdBlue®/DEF hanging hardware solution includes everything you need to safely dispense Adblue®/DEF and protect you and your customers from costly mis-fills.

Click here to view our complete solution for AdBlue®/DEF compatible products.

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