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Franklin Conducts APT™ Brand Pipework Training Mission


APT Brand Pipework Training Mission CFranklin Fueling System's recently conducted several major recertification training sessions for Casey's General Store, a US-based major marketer, and its base of installing contractors. Casey's required all of its installing contractors to take part in the training sessions geared towards improving the quality of the installation of Franklin's APT™ brand pipework and containment products. The training mission was specifically designed to increase general comfort with APT™ brand products including the new rigid entry boot, as well as instruction on how to reduce the total cost of ownership for Casey’s General Store owners through proper installation and maintenance techniques.

The hands-on training introduced the new rigid entry boot for both electrical conduit and APT™ pipe, which provides a water-tight solution and minimizes the amount of rubber compound exposed to hydrocarbons. The training sessions also reviewed the proper installation procedures for XP pipe, including installation tips and best practices to equip the installing contractors with more effective installation methods.

New products were also presented, including the new concept of a pre-packaged Under Dispenser Containment (UDC) and the XP clamshell tee and elbow fittings which provide an easy,  space-saving installation by enabling an installer to connect flexible pipe directly into a shear valve riser. The pre-packaged UDC is shipped with all of the specific parts needed to equip and install the sump; a concept that saves time for contractors during installation, significantly reducing the time spent on the forecourt.

The six face-to-face classroom training sessions were led by Franklin’s Pipe and Containment Product Manager Gary Saltz, and were delivered over two weeks in four cities.

Casey’s General Store requested that the training be provided in recognition of the important role that the proper installation of petroleum equipment plays in reducing risks and cost of ownership for the entire station. Casey’s requires that all APT™ installers be up to date on all new technologies and products and equipped to confidently install APT™ equipment in an efficient and proper manner.

“Thank you Franklin and Casey’s for the recertification training you put together. I believe continued education and training on new product is the way to keep our quality and craftsmanship at the level required. I’m looking forward to installing the new Rigid Entry Boots you introduced us to; I feel my crew gained valuable knowledge on them by attending the training.” said Randy Barrett, President of Barrett Maintenance Incorporated, who attended the training.

Franklin is proud to offer product training for customers. To book face-to-face training in North America please contact Al Gutierrez at

Outside of North America, please contact:
• EMEA – Peter van Dijk (
• China – Li Yuanzheng (
• Asia (outside of China) – Frank Long (
• Australia – Darren MacMahon (
• Central and South America - Javier Quiroga (
• India – Kartikay Khanna (

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