Sensor Installation Accessories

  • Installation kit for installing the TSP-DDS and TSP-DTS in sump space.
  • Easily customized to fit virtually any sump by cutting the Unistrut™ assembly to desired length. (*)
  • Provided with 2", 3" and 4" pipe clamps for mounting to sump piping.
  • Sensor location easily adjusted by the unique sliding feature of the Unistrut™ assembly. (*)
TSP-KSUnistrut™ (*) mounting kit for TSP-DDS and TSP-DTS sensors
Part NumberDescription
TSP-DB1One direct burial splice connector kit
TSP-DB10Pack of 10 direct burial splice connector kits
TSP-DBTOOLEpoxy dispensing tool
TSP-KW30Pack of 30 3M™ (*) splice connectors
  • Notes:
  • 1. Use the TSP-DB1 or TSP-DB10 for direct burial cable applications or when weatherproof junction boxes are not used.
  • 2. The DBTOOL is required to dispense the epoxy.
  • 3. Each direct burial splice connector kit includes a receptacle, three splice connectors and epoxy for the dispensing tool.