Secondary Containment


The INCON™ brand secondary containment monitoring (SCM) system is designed to detect leaks in double-wall piping, tanks, and sumps. The system utilizes the siphon/vacuum port of a submersible turbine pump to draw a vacuum on these interstitial spaces. The vacuum levels are then continuously monitored to detect any potential leaks in these double-wall containments.

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  • Highlights

    • Up to four different containments can be connected to each submersible turbine pump using a combination of single and dual channel TS-SCCM secondary containment control modules and secondary syphon ports.
    • The secondary containment control module collects information on all interstitial spaces.
    • Gathers system status, replenish rate, alarm, and diagnostic information.
    • Utilizes AUTO-LEARN® technology to learn the actual interstitial space being monitored based on the vacuum flow rate through a calibrated orifice for precise leak detection.
    • Alarms when vacuum cannot be maintained or when liquid is detected in secondary space.
    • Optional positive submersible turbine pump shut-down upon alarm.
    • Compatible with FE PETRO® brand submersible turbine pumps as well as Red Jacket® STPs.
    • All components necessary for installation including syphon check valve,vacuum hose, fittings and other installation accessories are available from Franklin Fueling systems.
  • Specs


    • 1. Secondary containment control module
    • 2. Vacuum line to secondary contained pipe
    • 3. Pipe fitting with integrated test port
    • 4. Secondary contained pipe
    • 5. Vacuum line to secondary contained tank
    • 6. Tank installation kit
    • 7. Line weight (included with tank install kit)
    • 8. Syphon check valve
    • 9. TS-550 evo™ with SCM software


    • Operating vacuum level: -2 to -6 inHg
    • Available software option on TS-550 evo™, TS-5000 evo™ and TS-EMS fuel management systems.
    • TS-420IB, TS-RLY and TS-ACI modules and the TS-SCM software option must be ordered and installed in the tank gauge console.
    • Requires TS-SCCM secondary containment control module consisting of pressure sensor(s) and solenoid valve(s).
    • Requires syphon check valve to connect to STP manifold.
    • Containments to be monitored must terminate inside the submersible turbine pump containment.
    • Installer must verify the vacuum limitation of each containment with its manufacturer prior to installation.


    • Meets all requirements of California AB2481.
    • National Work Group approved.


    Secondary containment monitoring uses the siphon port of the submersible turbine pump to draw and maintain a vacuum on the secondary containments of lines, sumps, tanks and vapor lines. During installation a calibrated leak is introduced during the AUTO-LEARN™ process which allows the system to learn the vacuum characteristics of each containment space. The vacuum level is continuously monitored and compared to established leak rates to ensure that the secondary containment is tight.

  • Order Info

    Secondary Containment Control Modules

    TS-SCCM/1Single channel secondary containment control module
    TS-SCCM/2Dual channel secondary containment control module
    TS-SCMCALLeak generator kit, one per station
    VS-SCCM/1220 VAC single channel secondary containment control module
    VS-SCCM/2220 VAC dual channel secondary containment control module

    Installation Kits

    TSP-SCLSIProduct, vapor line and sump containment install kit
    TSP-SCTK2Tank containment install kit for 2" NPT risers, in-tank hose sold separately
    TSP-SCTK2BTank containment install kit for 2” BSP risers, in-tank hose sold separately
    TSP-SCTK4Tank containment install kit for 4" NPT risers, in-tank hose sold separately
    TSP-SCTK4BTank containment install kit for 4” NSP risers, in-tank hose sold separately


    TSP-SCBRB¼" NPT barbed fittings (Qty 5)
    TSP-SCBRBT¼" NPT barbed T-fitting
    TSP-SCCLPHose clamps (Qty 5)
    TSP-SCTB2525' vacuum hose
    TSP-SCTB5050' vacuum hose
    TSP-SCTB100100' vacuum hose
    TSP-SCVLVSchreader valves (Qty 5)
    400137908Syphon check valve
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