Measurement Float Kits

With INCON™ brand density float kits, tank gauges like the Colibri and T5 Series fuel management systems have the ability to continuously monitor the density of fuel stored in underground and aboveground storage tanks. The same TSP-LL2 magnetostrictive probe that provides inventory management and leak detection capabilities can also supply product density and mass without the addition of extra probes or sensors. Programmable high and low density alarm points allow the user to determine the range of acceptable density fluctuations.

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  • Highlights

    • Designed for applications involving 4" riser pipes.
    • Each float set contains a product, density and water float.
    • Available in Standard (3 kg/m3 accuracy) or Precision (1 kg/m3 accuracy) models.
    • Floats are constructed of nitrile rubber and PVDF. Precision model density floats are also nickel plated.
    • Water and product floats are colored red for gasoline and blue for diesel.
    • Density and product floats are calibrated and must be maintained as a set.
    • Theory of Operation: Density measurement is based on the distance between the calibrated product and density floats. As the density of the fuel changes, the gap between the floats will increase or decrease in proportion to the change. The tank gauge receives this information from the probe and uses it to calculate and display the current density of the fuel.
  • Specs

    • Measurement accuracy: ±1.0 kg/m3
    • Measurement resolution: ±0.1 kg/m3
    • Minimum detectable product level with water float: 10.70”
    • Minimum detectable product level without water float: 6.70”
  • Order Info


    ModelDescriptionDensity Range
    TSP-IDF4D3Standard diesel/fuel oil density float kit790-900 kg/m3
    TSP-IGF4D3 Standard gasoline density float kit690-800 kg/m3
    TSP-IDF4DPrecision diesel/fuel oil density float kit790-900 kg/m3
    TSP-IGF4GPrecision gasoline density float kit690-800 kg/m3
    • Note: Order one density measurement float kit for each magnetostrictive probe. Probes used with density float kits must have serial numbers greater than 6000000.
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