Inventory Monitoring

With the growing popularity of various newer fuel types, it’s more important now than ever to understand what your options are for tank monitoring. Check out our easy guide to selecting probes and floats.

It’s time to understand your options.

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    Pair with a tank gauge and float kit for accurate tank level measurement. Available in two model options:

    • Inventory Control - Precision product and water level measurement.
    • Leak Detection Upgrade - Tank level measurement plus tank leak detection testing.


    Standard Gas & Diesel Float Kits

    Standard gas & diesel floats kits come complete with a product and water float. A single set is paired with each probe to collect tank level information.


    Phase Separation Float Kits

    Protect your site from the dangers of undetected ethanol phase separation. Detect both water and phase separation with a single float kit. Manage product levels and be alerted to high water or phase separation levels in tanks. Phase separation that goes undetected can cause serious damage if pumped into a customer’s vehicle.


    Density Measurement Kits

    Ensure fuel quality and prevent cross-dropping with density measurement float kits. When paired with Leak Detection probes these kits not only allow you to monitor product and water levels, they also give you the ability to monitor the quality of the fuel being dropped to ensure you are always getting exactly what you paid for and detect cross-drops so you can react quickly.


    2" Floats

    Standard gas, diesel, and phase separation floats are all available in 2” models for 2” riser applications.



    Additional flexible probe and chemical/LPG float options available.

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