Hose Accessories and Spare Parts

75 Series Coaxial Hose Adapters

CX6-AHose adapter, non-vapor ready, NPT
CX6-AEHose adapter, non-vapor ready, BSP, international only
CX6-VV3AHose adapter, non-vapor ready, multi-product units

Dispenser Vapor Retrofit Kits

Z008Standard for single-hose dispenser
Z009Standard for dual-hose dispenser
  • Note: Hose adapters are not included in retrofit kits.

Hose Accessories and Spare Parts

516Hose end O-ring for S4 fitting, large
1301Hose flow limiter for 8701VV standard breakaway, installed between breakaway and main hose
1302Hose flow limiter for 807 swivel breakaway, installed between main hose and nozzle
8103Hose clamp, for connect to hose retractor
HB-2Hose end O-ring for S2 fitting, large
HB-4Vapor end quad ring (2 required per adaptor)
291Vapor end O-ring, small (2 required per adaptor)
6094Hose end O-ring for S3 fitting, large

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