DuraDEF™ Nozzle with Mis-Fill Spout

for DEF/AdBlue®

The FLEX-ING™ brand DuraDEF™ nozzle features a specially encapsulated aluminum casting which is lightweight yet completely DEF/AdBlue® compatible. It provides the performance and construction specifications required for DEF/AdBlue® delivery in a familiar, user-friendly design. This nozzle features a mis-fill prevention spout that prevents DEF from being dispensed unless the spout is engaged with a miss-fill prevention device (MPD). The MPD is available separately.

Order Info
  • Highlights

    • High strength aluminum body and stainless steel spout.
    • Protective vinyl scuff guard.
    • Available with or without hold-open clip.
    • Spout designed for use with mis-fill prevention device.
    • Internal components are manufactured from stainless steel or plastic for full DEF/AdBlue® compatibility.
    • Sealed in a plastic bag to ensure no contamination.
    • Meets all required specifications set by ISO 22241 for DEF/AdBlue® delivery.
    • Mis-fill device available separately.
  • Specs

    • Inlet: ¾" BSPP
    • Spout: ¾" (19mm) stainless steel
    • Seals and poppet disc: Viton® A
    • Packing: PTFE
    • Body casting: Coated aluminum
    • Hand guard and vac cap: Nylon
    • Body cap: Coated zinc
    • Lever: Electroless nickel plated steel & nylon
    • Scuff guard: Vinyl
    • Weight / length / height: 2.5 Lbs. / 13.5” / 9”
  • Order Info

    DURADEF-MPDDuraDEF nozzle with mis-fill prevention spout, hold-open clip, light blue scuff guard
    DURADEF-MPD-ODuraDEF nozzle with mis-fill prevention spout no hold-open clip, light blue scuff guard
    DEF-MPDMis-fill prevention device for ¾" spout
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