for DEF/AdBlue®

FLEX-ING™ brand diesel exhaust fluid hose features a specially formulated low-extraction EPDM rubber tube making it completely compatible with DEF/AdBlue®. The flexible softwall construction provides superior handling for both standard and reel applications. Each curb hose length features dual anti-kink sleeves at each end to protect the hose from accelerated wear and kinking. The anti-kink sleeves are factory installed over the end fitting ferrule to ensure maximum wear protection.

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  • Highlights

    • Peroxide cured tube provides superior extraction levels and significantly reduces contamination.
    • Premium polyester braided construction reduces volumetric expansion.
    • Integrated static wire.
    • All curb hoses over 2' in length are outfitted with factory installed anti-kink sleeves on both ends.
    • BSPP outlets include a fluoroelastomer flat seal to ensure compression tightness.
  • Specs

    • Tube: Specially formulated low-extraction EPDM rubber, peroxide cured
    • Reinforcement: Polyester braid
    • Cover: Specially formulated EPDM
    • Temperature: -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)


    • Meets ISO 22241 standard ensuring desirable characteristics of AUS 32 (DEF) are met, such as quality, safety, reliability and contamination.
  • Order Info

    Ordering Guide

    FLDEF A B C - D - E

    • FLDEF = DEF/AdBlue® Hose
    • A = Hose Diameter
    • 2 = ¾"
    • B = Hose Length Feet
    • Use three-digit format
    • C = Hose Length Inches
    • Use two-digit format
    • D & E = End Fitting Options
    • 2N = ¾" NPT
    • 2P = ¾" BSPP
    • 3P = 1" BSPP
    • 3PF = 1" BSPP Female Swivel
    • Example: FLDEF200906-2N-2N = Def/Adblue® hose, ¾" diameter, 9 feet 6 inches length, ¾" NPT fitting on both ends.
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