Hose Retriever System

FLEX-ING™ brand hose retrievers are used to keep excess hose raised off the ground at sites which typically use long hoses such as truck refueling sites. The hose retriever prevents safety hazards, kinks, tangles and prolongs the life of the hose. Combine the hose retriever with the hose retriever base plate and hose support for a complete hose retriever system.

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  • Highlights

    • Rust-resistant epoxy-coated cast iron body.
    • Swivel head with 360º rotation for service in any direction and 2" NPT female inlet threads directly onto locally supplied 2 " pipe.
    • Hose retriever kit (HRTRVR) includes 20' of 1/8" stainless steel aircraft cable, 20 Lbs. steel counterweight, plated steel pulley, two adjustable stainless steel hose clamps and all necessary hardware for easy installation.
    • Hose retriever base plate and hose clamp or hose support available to complete the hose retriever system.
    • Installs on a locally supplied 2" pipe.
    • Hose retriever base plate allows you to avoid breaking concrete for installation.
  • Specs

    • Head and body: Cast iron
    • Cable: Stainless steel
    • Base: Steel
    • Recommended installation height if installed with hose retriever base plate is 10'6" maximum pipe length.
    • Recommended installation height if installed without hose retriever base plate is 17' maximum pipe length with minimum of 18" buried in concrete.
  • Order Info

    HRTRVRHose retriever kit including head with 2" NPT inlet, cable, counterweight, pulley and hose clamps
    HRTRVRBASEHose retriever base plate, 2" NPT inlet
    8103¾" single hose clamp
    407924901Anti-kink hose clamp for 5/8” and 3/4” hoses.
    HB1001" hose diameter hose support
    HB1251¼" hose diameter hose support
    HB1501½" hose diameter hose support
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