Pipework Systems

for DEF/AdBlue®

Both APT™ and UPP™ brand pipework systems provide a compatible solution for the safe and efficient transfer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Both systems are third party verified* for compatibility and, when used as part of a DEF recirculation system, provide unique benefits compared to heated pipework systems in keeping DEF from freezing during colder periods of time. See how the benefits of a non-heated pipework system can help your business.

*APT™ and UPP™ pipe have received independent verification of compatibility through Intertek testing services.

Check out these DEF compatible pipework systems:

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    System Comparison

    Because DEF will freeze at around 12° F (-11° C), no DEF system is complete without a means to prevent this fuel additive from freezing in the lines and costing you loss of potential sales. Consider your options:

    The Benefits

    Heated pipework systems can be expensive to purchase, install, and operate. Check out these benefits of a recirculation system.

    Equipment Cost Savings

    The APT™ brand XP pipework system can save you as much as 30% in equipment costs compared to a heated system.

    System Savvy

    There are no new tools to purchase or new pipework installation methods to learn with this proven system.

    Fast Installation

    Odds are, your contractors are already proficient in the fast and simple installation of UPP™ or APT™ pipework systems. The DEF system requires no extra steps.

    Efficient Operation

    With no need to constantly heat the entire system, the DEF recirculation system only consumes energy as needed.

    Energy Cost Savings

    Avoid high energy bills during the colder winter months that can result from constantly having to run a heated piping system.

    System Automation

    With fluctuating temperatures in Spring and Fall months, the system will automatically know when it’s time to run.

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